Easily create and maintain UI tests

Meticulous makes UI tests easy to create and effortless to maintain. Use our CLI to launch an instrumented browser which records your actions and turns them into a test. Learn more in our demo below.

  • One minute setup

    Install our CLI and you create your first test within 60 seconds. Easily integrate these tests into any CI/CD system. 

  • Visual diffs

    Use Meticulous to automatically detect visual regressions within your web application. 

  • staging environment optional

    Meticulous automatically mocks out network calls, meaning you can safely replay against any environment without mutating data or causing side effects.

Watch our demo

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Pricing tiers

  • Free Plan

    • Create up to 10 tests.
  • Starter Plan

    • Create up to 500 tests.
  • Enterprise

    Contact us
    • Reach out at sales@meticulous.ai

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to chat directly with us by clicking the message box in the bottom right corner.

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