Catch JavaScript errors before they hit production

Meticulous replays local developer and QA sessions on new frontend code to automatically detect regressions, without causing any side effects. 

  • Zero maintenance burden.

    Just insert our snippet, authorize read-only repository access to MeticulousBot and you're good to go!

  • Integration with workflow

    Meticulous posts comments directly to your pull request.

  • Debug info at your fingertips

    We post a stack trace of your original source code, along with a video of the session that encountered the regression.

How it works

  • 1

    Insert our 1-line JavaScript snippet

    We recommend installing this onto staging and local development environments. This snippet will collect clickstream and network data required to replay user sessions.

    You gain access to this snippet after subscribing (with a 30-day free trial).  

  • 2

    Submit a pull request

    Install our GitHub bot so that Meticulous can detect new PRs.

    Round confidence code change
  • 3

    Meticulous replays relevant sessions on the new code

    Our GitHub bot spins up your web app based on the frontend build files from the new commit, and replays the events. 

    When your web app makes a network request, we match it with the response that we recorded when we recorded the original user session. We do this so that we never cause side effects.

  • 4

    Meticulous posts comments to your pull requests when it finds a new uncaught JS exception

    We only post exceptions that are newly introduced by the pull request.

    Meticulous comment

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